Start of a blog!

Today, we created our own blog, SMaLLCaT, to follow our Open Science Guru (who is also our supervisor) into the online world of communication about science. Guess the name of our research group... BiGCaT!

While we are writing our first post, there are bachelor thesis presentations going on. These studentes are on the verge of finishing their bachelor internships. Quite interesting!

However, on important matter, F has cake tomorrow! During the break we had an elaborate discussion about a cake we will receive tommorow, because one of our collegeas is invited to give  talk at a conference. The cake will probably consist out of apples, and little black berries that look like raspberries, but aren't. Apparently the english translation for 'bramen' is fairly straight forward... blackberries.. Looking forward to a apple-blackberry cheescake!!


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