Nice to be noticed!

A few weeks back, I got an account for PubMed Commons; which can be used to add comments to articles listed in the PubMed database. I used my account to connect pathways created in Pathvisio and available in WikiPathways with the articles from which the pathways originated (for examples see "the mevalonate arm of cholesterol biosynthesis pathway" or a more specific part of this pathway extended with drugs, working as inhibitors for several proteins).  When you click on the reference links below the pathways (under Bibliography in WikiPathways), you will go directly to the PubMed database (where the comments are listed under the abstract of the article), such as the example article used for the drug inhibitors for the cholesterol pathway.

By linking the original articles to their machine readable counterpart (at least for the pathway figures), other researchers which are interested in the article can directly see if the pathway mentioned is available for data analysis. Since I just started with adding these comments, there are several more publications out there which could be linked to the WikiPathways content. Hopefully I have time to do this at some point during the Curation Cafe's we're organising for the WikiPathways Community (more info on that will follow later).

And even though I just added 3 comments via PubMed Commons, they noticed! See their Twitter messages on "Connecting public domain content" and "Parsing pathways" mentioning the comments I added. It is nice to be noticed, and we will keep working on adding more knowledge in our pathway database WikiPathways!


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